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My own interpretation of my favourite Star Trek Villain Gul Dukat; when he unleashes the Pah Wraiths.

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i needed to draw something happy

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zero g

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it’s been a little while since I’ve drawn my three favorite boys <3

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Star Trek artwork created for the 45th anniversary exhibition by Dave Merrell.


just scribbling something quick so I don’t forget how to draw entirely.

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Star Trek freehand alternate universe Defiant finished coloring! (Background maybe later)


Holy crap! Hi new followers! You lot are really fantastic for a girl’s self esteem. Here, have some more ST skitchies.

TBH… as much as my loyalty to TOS is absolute… I totally eat it up when these two get into pissy little bitchfights in AOS. I want just like….hours and hours of them sniping at each other and trying to out-sass one another. BONES CAN COME ALONG TOO PLZ.

(confession: really I just wanted to draw a disgruntled Spock)

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